Nomadic Passions Tribal Belly Dance
nomadic passions tribal belly dance
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A Celebration of the feminine spirit

with Patsy-Anne Vendy


pats of nomadic passions tribal belly dance


about tribal style -

Tribal Style belly dance in my opinion combines the best of world dance  fusing together movements


, steps & gestures from India, Africa, Spain, Asia & the Middle East this creating a mesmerizing, sensual display of feminine strength, beauty & integrity.  Its stylistic elements & improvisational form creates a sense of community & trust between dancers. Our elaborate & unique costuming accentuates    movements & steps as well as flattering all body types. Tribal Style is an empowering dance form for women of all ages & fitness abilities.


- about classes -

classes are held weekly in Horsham and Ararat, please contact me for further information on dates & times. Classes are available for all women & no showing your belly is not a requirement!


- workshops - 

Patsy holds workshops  extensively throughout the western district & beyond.  She has been involved in the many confidence building programs and regular workshops at the Wimmera learning centre. 


- performance -

We have a whirlwind of colourful dancers to sweep through your next event, function, party, wedding etc - our performances are tailored to suit you & your plans, please contact us for further details.

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